I have written two books: one novel called Currency, and a dictionary of invented words to describe the act, and the joys, of reading, called Bibliofeelia: Words for Feelings That Books Make.

One of my short stories, Wxndering, was printed in the 39th edition of Brittle Star magazine (UK).  The magazine also asked me to give a reading of the story at the issue launch at the Barbican Centre Library in London.  My own translation of the same story into Spanish was included in Pikara Magazine (Madrid).  Litro Magazine (London) have published, Travelogue: Amsterdam and Utrecht, travel writing about a trip to The Netherlands.  Storgy (UK) recently published, Office Fantasies (And Their Consequences): A Short Personal History in their magazine.  Platform For Prose (UK) included a flash fiction piece, The Odd Couple and now showing on VerityLa (Australia) is, Like Light.

Since 2012 I have authored this blogwhere I publish book reviews and essays.  Since 2015 I have co-authored another blog called, How to Survive an Office Job and still be an Artist, which encourages people to use creativity to enrich the (often mundane) work day.

In September 2017 I will begin a Masters in Creative Writing at Oxford University.