Book Diary: A Street Cat Named Bob (James Bowen)


(finished reading on 08/01/2013 )

During the course of writing this blog, I have discovered that – although not in any other area of life (I hope) – I am a snob when it comes to books (I’ve also discovered that this could be a good thing when it comes to art – to be discussed another time, perhaps).  So, on that basis, I never would have bought this book; a redemptive story of a formerly homeless, recovering heroin addict, who rescues a cat and finds his life transformed, for myself.  However, my Dad bought it for me for Christmas, as he didn’t raise a snob, right?  Well, I’m glad he did because I loved it.  There I said it!

(and if this picture doesn’t raise a smile, there must be a hard black stone where your heart should be)


I do love cats.  I have a cat who I love very much, so it wasn’t like it was ever going to be a hardship to read this ‘meiowmoir’ (have I just created a new genre?!) and after Christmas, when I didn’t really feel like picking up The Human Stain or some such, it was, well lovely: life affirming, hopeful, all those wonderful things that are worth holding onto in dull January.

I also did something I’ve never done before, I bought two more copies for cat loving friends!  Ah well, it’s good to surprise yourself sometimes.


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