Book Diary: Naked (David Sedaris)

NAKED, David Sedaris

(finished reading on 20/11/2011)

My fourth and – for the time being, until Bristol City Council buy their libraries a few more Sedari – last David Sedaris.  I was a little worried about reading this one, as I started with his later books and Naked is just his second.  I wondered if it might feel a little different and having loved the previous three so very much, I didn’t want it to.

I should have known that there was no need to worry, but I didn’t really expect it to become possibly – if I had favourites – my favourite.  I know this is a ridiculous thing to say about any author or their books, as it can never be true, but I felt like reading Naked I got to know David a little better.

The penultimate essay, ‘Ashes’ is about David’s Mum discovering she has cancer and him and his siblings attempting to come to terms with this.  The essay is structured around his sister Lisa’s wedding and the idea that marriage, like death, takes a person away from their family, either to another, or to somewhere away from yours.  It is quietly stirring, especially the bittersweet realisation that they are always going to be of you, even if they cannot be near you.

If I never get to read the remaining three Sedari (plus a book of short stories he edited), it’s okay, I’d be satisfied with the knowledge that everyone else is, because you certainly all should be.


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