Book Diary: Juan Salvador Gaviota (Richard Bach)

JUAN SALVADOR GAVIOTA (Spanish translation of Jonathan Livingston Seagull), Richard Bach

(finished reading on 04/11/2011)

I’m feeling very pleased with myself, having just finished reading my first book in Spanish, something that I’ve been trying to do since 1998!  I did have the English translation alongside, but I promise I barely looked at it.

The story is a bit silly, a religious allegory – with seagulls.  It managed to annoy me even through the anaesthetic of a foreign language.  However, the story itself was inconsequential, I chose the book solely because it was 120 pages long and fairly straightforward to read in a second language.

It did also have some nice pictures of seagulls, which made my heart swell a little.

There was this lovely quote too, which is really satisfying to read aloud in Spanish because of all the rolling r’s, but is also a pretty sentence in the original English (although once I began to think it sounds a bit like a description of being drunk, some of the magic wore off).

Se sintió flotar en un cielo extraño, olvidando, recordando, olvidando; temeroso y arrepentido, terriblemente arrepentido.

He was adrift in a strange strange sky, forgetting, remembering, forgetting; afraid and sad and sorry, terribly sorry.


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