Book Diary: Peyton Amberg (Tama Janowitz)

PEYTON AMBERG, Tama Janowitz

(finished reading on 16/11/2008)

Not since I read Margaret Atwood’s The Robber Bride have I been so genuinely disturbed by a novel.  I was depressed for three days after finishing this.

Peyton is a strange anti-hero.  I wanted her to succeed, to find happiness, but I knew right from the start that she wouldn’t.  It is bleak reading with that knowledge, because she tries so hard.  I recognised myself in her quest (though, what quest?  Does she know what she’s looking for?), but at the same time she made me feel very uncomfortable.  It is a strange reaction to a character.

As ever with Janowitz, it was totally engrossing (I read for three and a half hours straight until three o’clock in the morning during one session) and very funny.

Jayne hearts Tama.


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