Book Diary: The Piggle (D. W. W. Winnicott)

Another one from Phil, he gave it to me to read as homework so I could have a better understanding of his own work on early psychological development.  It did help, but mostly because I was coming from the point of having no knowledge of early psychological development.

THE PIGGLE, D. W. W. Winnicott

(finished reading on 02/11/2009)

This is the account of a young girl’s analysis with Winnicott from the age of two to five, after she became seriously traumatised following the birth of a younger sister.

I read it for ‘homework’, but it was very interesting and surprisingly, a page-turner, as I got more and more interested in and concerned for The Piggle.  It was fascinating how Winnicott seemed to instinctively know how a child’s psyche works, the transcripts of the Piggle’s sessions sounded like true nonsense to me, but Winnicott’s notes show how he got what she was trying to express and was able to make interpretations and analysis based on it, as well as ultimately managing to ‘cure her’.

He is obsessed by sex though.


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